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Discover the Secrets of Happy Relationships in 5 EASY Lessons with Relationship Coach, Daphna Levy.

Your relationships affect all aspects of your life. If you’ve ever had an argument or a disagreement with a friend or a loved one, you know it has the power to ruin your day. And a breakup could affect you deeply for months or even years. Such trouble might even reduce your motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem and make you feel hopeless about friendships, family or finding the right person for you. What can YOU do about it?

In This Life Coach Course You Will Learn:
  • How to recognize red flags and identify the warning signs in any relationship – romantic, familial, social or professional – so you can do something about it while there is still time.
  • The true purpose of interpersonal relationships.
  • How to determine if a relationship is an asset or a detriment.
  • How to build life-long relationships that can stand the test of time and survive the challenges life puts us through.
  • Should you marry for love? The answer may surprise you!
  • How to find your soul mate or discover the soul mate in the person you are with.

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International Amazon Bestseller

“I wish I had this book nine years ago, when I married the guy I am divorcing now.” ~AK, Reader

Picking Right

The Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match

by Daphna Levy

This relationship guide reveals the truth behind dead-end relationships and shows you how to spot disaster before it strikes. It is not a pick-up or attraction manual. It unlocks the mysteries of knowing who to trust and gives you the formula to avoid heartache and find true happiness.

You will discover
    • THREE VITAL RULES for Picking Right
    • COMMON MISTAKES that could cost you your happiness
    • HOW TO DETECT THE CHEATER and replace betrayal with mutual trust
    • HOW TO IDENTIFY TOXIC MATES and stop wasting yourself on the wrong people
    • HOW TO GAIN CLARITY on your own vision for an ideal relationship
    • Ingredients of LOVE THAT LASTS
    • The secret to MEETING NEW PEOPLE

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