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Dating Help: 5 Warning Signs

By October 11, 2017Relationships

dating helpHave you ever felt perhaps like you kept on making the same mistakes in your relationships or in dating? Have you ever felt like you keep making the same errors in picking partners, in selecting people to date, or in carrying out your relationships? Don’t fret, you are not alone.

What we have discovered at The Secrets to Happily Ever After is that the number one mistake that people tend to make when they are dating is that they see warning signs in people pretty early on that they happen to be dating at the time, but then they don’t do anything about those warning signs. These are things like:

  1. “Oh, he still lives with his parents, but he’s just such a nice guy.”
  1. “Oh, she still talks to her ex-boyfriends a lot, but man she is soooo pretty.”
  1. “Man I wish this guy would be able to hold a job, but he sure does take care of me well….. when he can afford to that is.”
  1. “She is so nice and cool. What an outgoing personality! I just wish she wouldn’t drink so much when we go out.”
  1. “I really like this guy a lot. He is hardworking and productive, but he does tend to pay more attention to the opinions of his parents than he does of mine. I wish that wasn’t the case.”
  1. “This girl is nice, but I can definitely tell that she is still pretty hung up on her ex. And we’ve been dating six months, so imagine how that makes me feel!”
  1. “I love this new guy to death but I just don’t know how I feel about his parenting habits with his kids from a previous marriage.”
  1. “This new woman is a real catch I feel, but man I cannot stand the messy condition she keeps her home in. It makes my skin crawl!”
  1. “My new man is my hero. I really love him to death.  But he has some sexual expectations of me that I just can’t quite get past.”
  1. “I have been dating this lovely woman for a few months now, but last week I saw her kissing a different guy at a coffee shop. What on earth is that all about!”

Folks, we promised five signs and gave ten. These are all signs that should be acted upon immediately. With some of the above scenarios, you can just imagine some poor soul already being in a committed relationship with a person who has a pretty huge red flag like the above mentioned.

But what if you could avoid all of that completely?

Dating Help

Dating help, whether it is online dating help or blind date help, is best received on an individual, one on one basis, but the advice in this article is sound. It is a human nature thing to sort of look past the red flags and to try to just see the best in people. Seeing the best in people is great, but red flags are red flags and they are pretty unpleasant, to say the least.

When you are looking for a prospective soul mate, you need to be able to actually spot those red flags as early on as possible, and then move on. You should never sell yourself short on a relationship or on getting the best person you can get. Now, does this mean that you should strive for perfection? Not necessarily, as everyone is going to have some faults here and there. But some faults and red flags will kill a relationship sooner or later or will make you miserable. Contact us for more information!

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