Couples Therapy

Couples TherapyCouples therapy or marriage therapy is one of the most commonly offered solutions to helping married couples sort out the difficulties they might be having. In such an approach, the relationship itself is the main focus of address, but each partner also has a chance to focus on themselves, on their personal development, on increasing their responsibility, and on increasing their awareness of the other and their needs and wants within the relationship.

Couple therapy and couples counseling are synonymous and often go hand in hand. Simply stated, the goal of these types of therapies is to improve the couples’ relationship. Usually, any such form of counseling is done with both partners in the room, but sometimes each individual gets one-on-one therapy to address themselves specifically. While some couples are comfortable with the idea of therapy or counseling, others prefer the proactive approach of coaching. A couples coach is like an athletic trainer who trains you in using your own powers and potentials to achieve your goals: in this case, the improvement or repair of your marriage.

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching will be started in an attempt to accomplish certain, predetermined goals such as:

  • Improve problem-solving within the relationship
  • Build communication skills between partners
  • Identify and agree upon life goals and future plans
  • Determine and agree upon relationship responsibilities
  • Address and try to resolve infidelity
  • Work to resolve financial problems and irresponsibility
  • Constructively work on life changes that may have altered the original course of the relationship
  • Address differences in belief systems
  • Help to overcome differences in opinion on ethics, morality, integrity, virtue, etc.
  • Figure out solutions to problems with the couples’ families as a whole

As far as the duration of couples coaching, it depends on the needs and wants of the couple, the severity of their issues or differences, and how the initial sessions go. This is to say that some instances of couples coaching may last as short as just one or two sessions or for as long as several months and over a dozen sessions.

The Benefits of Couples Coaching

The main idea behind couples coaching is that, when two partners get into a situation that they cannot resolve or work through, they experience a sort of an impasse or a dead-end. Every time they attempt to resolve their issue or issues, they end up with fights and upsets that get them absolutely nowhere. By entering into couples coaching, the couple is bringing on the help of a third person, and not just any third person. They are bringing on a professional who is knowledgeable, well-trained, and experienced in the field of helping couples to overcome whatever issues that they might be struggling with.

Once coaching has begun, the couple’s approach changes from arguing and fighting to constructive efforts to address their problems. Now, that is not to say that there will not be any heated moments in a coaching session, but it is to say that there will be an experienced professional in the room to help them sort through any disorder or chaos that may come to the surface and achieve a resolution. Once in a coaching session, you both have a chance to communicate your concerns and upsets regarding the relationship to the coach, with the other in the room, and vice versa. This back-and-forth communication is a way to constructively and positively bring forth issues that may have been unreachable before, simply because you and your partner grew too heated and argumentative to get to the core of the issues. The main focus and goal of couples coaching is to address those relationship problems that could not be addressed prior, with the help and guidance of an expert.

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