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From Being in a Rut to a Much-Better Place

“My life was in a rut when I met Daphna. I was very bugged down by life and everything seemed to be on a downward spiral.

“Daphna and I started out with a long conversation regarding what was going on in my life that bothered me the most. We also utilized a personality test to help me see how I could regain happiness and balance in my life.

“Daphna is very caring and patient, and she has many tools which she utilized to help me tackle and face the difficulties in my life.

“By the last session I realized that many of the things on my list were checked off as she helped me face them. I am in a much better, happier stage now as I learned how to take life’s challenges with a grain of salt. Of course, this is an ongoing process for me to achieve my ultimate goal. But now I know that with Daphna at my side I don’t need to be afraid because I am not fighting alone.

“I really commend Daphna’s professionalism and helpfulness. She really listens and she takes the time with her clients, no matter how long it takes. She is great and I would highly recommend her to anyone who may need that mentor and friend who can bring about true energy and influence to life.”


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