Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching

Throughout day to day life, married couples experience upMarriage Coachings and downs that, while they may seem similar from one couple to the next, are unique to each partnership. The reason being, people are unique, as can be easily seen by looking at siblings or even twin brothers or sisters. No two people are the same, and each couple is unique.

When times get tough and a couple can’t seem to come to a resolution regarding the issues they might be facing, it is time to do something extra about it. It is time to engage in some form of relationship coaching or marriage coaching that is individually tailored or customized to them.


Marriage is, potentially, one of the most beautiful and special aspects of life. In the words of famed author Pearl Buck, “Nothing in life is as good as the marriage of true minds between man and woman. As good? It is life itself.” However, Marriage can have its ups and downs, with hopefully there being more ups than downs. When this is not the case, some form of marriage coaching or relationship counseling may be called for.

There are several fields that specialize in helping married couples, such as marriage consulting, marriage counseling, couples therapy, marriage therapy and marriage coaching. All share the same goal: to improve or salvage a marriage. These fields can be confusing. According to the New York Times, two years after ending marital counseling twenty-five percent of couples are worse off than they were when they started, and after four years thirty-eight percent are divorced. So couples should conduct their own research or trials to determine what works for them. Furthermore, they should keep a watchful eye to observe whether their relationship is improving or worsening while going through the counseling process.

Marriage Coaching Defined

Marriage coaching is a form of life coaching that assists partners to resolve problems and find a greater level of fulfillment and happiness in their marriage. (Most people who seek life coaching are healthy, successful individuals who may be a bit stuck or who wish to make a big difference in their lives or take it to the next level.) A marriage coach is not a psychologist or psychotherapist. Using a practical and proactive approach, he or she can help couples do the following:

  • Repair or fix the marriage
  • Change destructive behavior patterns that got the marriage into trouble in the first place
  • Understand and better provide for each other
  • Renew intimacy, affection, and joy
  • Set and achieve marriage, life, and career goals
  • Learn how to individually thrive and grow within the marriage

Marriage coaching also has a much broader application than just addressing problems and potentially marriage-ending difficulties within a marriage. While it can certainly save a marriage that is on the rocks, it is also designed to “take healthy couples and make them healthier.” By this is meant that married couples who simply want to take a good thing and make it even better, can seek out a marriage coach or relationship consulting for solutions, tools, ideas, inspiration, and guidance on how to take a marriage that is already good, and make it great. Similar to physical training or coaching, a person need not be sick to desire better fitness. Healthy individuals seek out trainers because they know that they have a greater potential than what they are manifesting, and they wish to make a good thing even greater.

Are you looking for a marriage coach? Finding the right coach or relationship consultant can be tricky, but there are methods that have been proven to be successful by the sheer number of successes of those who have taken part in them. One such method is that of author and Relationship Coach Daphna Levy. Contact us today to take the first step toward a better, brighter, and happier marriage for you and your spouse.

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