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Tiana and John – “I was certain that even this wouldn’t help, but I was wrong.”

Relationship Testimonial - Life Coaching Masters - Tiana and John

When John and I came to Daphna, I was reserved, had mentally given up and was certain that even this wouldn’t help. But I was wrong.

Our coaching helped me improve not just as a partner but as an individual. I feel that I’ve learned to communicate more effectively with my partner and my family as a whole. She’s encouraged me not to give up on my relationship and shown me that with the right tools we can still make our love work.

My favorite thing about our coaching was that the tools given created an open-mindedness in myself and surprisingly even in my partner.

So thank you again for everything. I love the improvements I see and I am so much more hopeful that my relationship can withstand any difficulties.


– Tiana

I got understanding and more openness not to be so judgmental, find something right and compliment on it. I learned to ask for help and to help.

The relationship improved a whole lot to where we don’t yell at each other anymore and are much happier.

– John

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